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Mosquito Magnet Counter Flow Technology

Counter Flow Technology - Effective Mosquito Control

The patented Counterflow Technology™ used exclusively in our Mosquito Magnet® creates a plume of carbon dioxide(CO2), heat, and moisture that is emitted from the inner attractant tube, while the flared outer tube vacuums along the top of the CO2 plume without vacuuming up any of the CO2.

As the blood-seeking insect reaches the attractant tube, it realizes it can't get a blood meal. Because the mosquito will not turn down (insect behavior) and it won't fly across the plume of carbon dioxide (over-stimulation), it is forced to turn upwards, where it's caught in the vacuum of the suction tube. At this point it is vacuumed into a net, where it dehydrates and dies within 24 hours.

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