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Mosquito Magnet Maintenance

Click on the map above to see when you should start your unit.

Spring Start-up

Once the temperature reaches 50° degrees consistently, mosquito eggs that remained dormant during the winter will begin hatching. Female mosquitoes that have spent the summer in protected areas like basements and trees are now ready to come out and lay their eggs. Make sure that you're ready!

Read below for some Mosquito Magnet start-up tips.

  1. Remove the trap cover or bag from the Mosquito Magnet®, and let the trap fully dry out before starting. If there is a lot of dampness, place the trap in the sun for a couple of days before starting.
  2. Reattach regulator hose to tank.
  3. Reattach the power adaptor.
  4. If your Mosquito Magnet is equipped with the new, Quick-Clear valve (for traps manufactured in 2003 or after), we recommend that this preventive maintenance be performed prior to starting. For an interactive view of these procedures, visit our new Online Troubleshooting Guide.
  5. Turn the propane tank on, and proceed with the standard startup instructions. Be sure to start the season with a new net and new attractant cartridge.

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