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Please note catches may vary depending on region and trap location.

"I live on the Banana River in Cocoa Beach, Florida. Once the sun set my family was a prisoner in our house. If we went in our pool we would be swarmed by mosquitoes. I almost had to breath through a straw and stay under water it was so bad.

With the Mosquito Magnet we can swim at dusk and at night. The mosquitoes are around the trap and not around us. I can't believe the number of mosquitoes and no-see-ums it can catch. I wish all my neighbors had them. Thanks for the great product. I now have one in the front yard, too."

Greg S. Cocoa Beach FL

"Just a short note to let you know that all great words said about the Mosquito Magnet are not enough. We have 10 acres of land on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (St. Michael's area). We have a large barn that we built for entertaining. I have a liberty model and two Pro Models running outside the rear area of the barn - this 4th of July for the first time we were able to sit outside and enjoy a wonderful 4th of July - Thanks very much."

R.C. Bozman, MD

"We live on a spit of land surrounded on three sides by a salt-water marsh. The mosquitoes were so bad that even at noon on a July day they would swarm and make our backyard unusable. I purchased the unit last year and for the first summer we were able to use the backyard. We can now play in the yard during the day and sit on the deck at night, with hardly a mosquito in sight. If I go across the street to the neighbor's backyard the mosquitoes are horrible!!"

James F.
Portland, ME

"Due to concerns over West Nile virus, my elderly parents purchased a Mosquito Magnet for the cottage in May 2003. We set it up according to the instructions and in the first 3 weeks we estimate we caught 4,500 - 5000 mosquitoes - and this during a cold spring where we feel the mosquitoes have not really been a problem!

Each week since then the catch has been over a thousand mosquitoes and now includes deer flies as well. The machine works as advertised and we are thrilled."

Anne K.
Toronto, Canada

"We've only used the Mosquito Magnet 6 days and it has literally changed our lives! We live in Delaware, in a marshy area, where mosquitoes make summer miserable. The Mosquito Magnet has made our yard 'normal' in only these few days. In fact, we bought a second one two days ago. Great Product!"

Dover DE

"I replaced the net on my Liberty that I bought on June 21 for the first time last night. I kept the harvest in a zip lock bag. I estimate about 4,000 mosquitoes, as well as about 20,000 no-see-ums, (2) small spiders, (3) moths, and 4 or 5 different bugs that got caught up in the frenzy.

I have told everyone I know about my Liberty trap. I first purchased a Coleman Mosquito Deleto. In one week I caught some no-see-ums, a grass hopper a few other strange bugs and (2) mosquitoes. I returned the deleto and bought the liberty the same day.

Keep up the great work."

James C. Smithville, NJ

"Although our yard is a haven of beauty with 200 rose bushes, an herb garden, magnolia tree, pecan tree, black walnut trees, many crepe myrtle trees, butterfly bushes, palms, ferns, many container plants and a swimming pool, I have never been able to enjoy it thoroughly because of the mosquitoes in the summer. I could not even float in the pool without spraying every inch of my body. The past three weeks have been a delight not having to spray myself or fear the inevitable multiple bites to which I am highly sensitive.

I have recommended it to all my friends and co-workers. Thank you for giving me back the joy of summertime - my favorite time of the year."

Nancy Wilkes
Winnsboro, SC

"I am in a heavily wooded area with an irrigated lawn and a creek in hot and humid Brookfield, Wisconsin. It seems like a scenario in which I would never be able to use my yard. The Mosquito Magnet operates quietly, effectively, and efficiently - what more could we desire? I am considering a second unit to place elsewhere in the wooded area of the yard. Again, thanks for a great product."

John Aghbasian
Brookfield, WI

"In a year of record high mosquito numbers, the mosquito magnet has allowed us to enjoy our yard with fewer mosquitoes than ever. The butterflies and bumble bees continue to visit our garden because we no longer have to use hazardous and indiscriminate chemicals to eliminate the mosquitoes. It is a great invention."

Rod Berscheid
Winnipeg Manitoba

"I live adjacent to a salt water marsh in Barrington, RI. Before buying our first Mosquito Magnet our kids were unable to play in our yard. After a week of operation the bag was completely full. I now have two units - one for the front yard and one for the back and we have claimed our yard back from the biting insects!"

Barrington, RI

"Thank you for making it possible to reclaim my yard from blood-sucking pests. I bought your smaller machine in early June, after an evening when nearly 100 mosquitoes got into my family room. For years, my yard has been infested with these pests, so that my wife and I have stayed inside during the summer months. When I saw your ad on TV, I decided to take action.

During the first 3 weeks of operation, the magnet trapped an entire bag of mosquitoes. Bugs were literally accumulating at the rate of hundreds per day. The second bag filled more and more slowly, until, during the 6th week of constant operation, the nightly haul was down to fewer than ten mosquitoes.

The end result is that the mosquito population in my yard has been effectively decimated, thanks to this remarkable machine."


Sincerely yours,
Cromwell, CT

"We put 4 Mosquito Magnet Pro units out in May and got 5 or 6 inches of mosquitoes in each net in a single night. With the 4 Pro's, we'd fill up 2 of the one-gallon zip lock bags every night. The bite count is way, way down. They're stilll around but not nearly as severe. Our season starts around the second week of April and the mosquitoes are huge. Some are almost a 1/2 inch long. I grew up in Minnesota and these are bigger. We placed the units around the barracks, outdoor activity area, and at the entrance to the main gate. They sure do take care of the mosquitoes."

Scott Cuchna, Maintenance Mechanic
Clear AFB, Clear, Alaska

"Returned my "Mosquito Deleto" yesterday and bought your Liberty model. In only 12 hours of operation, your Mosquito Magnet had trapped more mosquitoes than the Deleto did in 15 days!"

Rich Cihak
Chaska, MN

"The Mosquito Magnets work as claimed. Two weeks after purchasing a Freedom model, I ordered a Pro model. In addition to catching lots of mosquitoes, our primary pest, the machines are also loading up on no-see-ums and white sox. I only wish that I had gotten them in May instead of June."

Kim Sterling
Sterling, Alaska

"I just had to add my testimonial to the huge list of happy Mosquito Magnet owners. We live on a very rural 5-acre lot on a lake in the outskirts of Orlando, Florida. For the first two years we lived there, we were inundated with mosquitoes and no-see-um's in the morning and the evening during the summer making going outside was miserable.

Last year we decided to purchase a Mosquito Magnet. Our Mosquito Magnet exceeded all expectations we had!! We had to keep emptying the bag every week or so and noticed an appreciable drop in mosquito incursions in the area covered by the Mosquito Magnet.

Two weeks ago, we purchased 2 more Mosquito Magnet Liberty's to provide additional coverage around our house and the results are almost beyond belief. For the last two years, Florida has been in a drought. However, this year is very different. Here in the Central Florida area, we have had rain every day for the last month and the mosquitoes are going crazy. I placed my three machines at the perimeter of the yard to give us overlapping coverage around the house.

I have had to empty the bags twice already, but I am not complaining! We have an almost absolute absence of mosquitoes around the house and the yard where the kids play on the swingset and swim in the pool. And the kennel for the dogs which used to be swarming with mosquitoes is almost devoid of the flying syringes. As soon as you get to the back of our property outside the coverage area, unless you have some heavy repellent on, you can feel the mosquitoes hitting you.

Last year, we could not use our front door because the mosquitoes loved the covered entryway. We would be assaulted on the doorstep and they would fly into the house by the dozens if we opened the door. Well, NO MORE!! They are all caught at the woodline before they can get to the house!!!

YOU MAKE AN OUTSTANDING PRODUCT!! If everyone in America purchased just one, we could probably wipe out the mosquito population in one year. I am considering purchasing one or two more to provide even more coverage down by the horse paddocks and am trying to convince my neighbors to purchase Mosquito Magnets of their own."

Jim B.
Geneva, FL

"I am writing to thank you for inventing the Mosquito Magnet. My husband and I recently purchased a home in South Florida, which has a pool, hot tub, outside laundry room and is surrounded by tropical foliage. The mosquito population was unbelievable. The minute you stepped out side you were bitten. Imagine having to share the pool and hot tub with these pesky little things. The only way to entertain was to do so inside and what's the point of all these amenities if you can't share them with your friends. I also purchased this product for my dogs as well. There have been a few cases of the West Nile virus in domestic animals and I wasn t taking any chances. It has taken only 3 weeks to almost eliminate the population on our property. We found ourselves checking the net everyday for the first week, not knowing we would find such a large amount of dehydrated pests. I want to thank once again for creating possibly the best lawn ornament ever."

Kevin and Michelle Flynn
Ft Lauderdale FL

"We purchased a Pro model on 7-8-02 and had a cookout for 40 friends on 7-14, hardly a mosquito to be found in just 6 days of operation! We live in Boxford Massachusetts, where the 'town bird' is joked to be the large mosquitoes that breed in the swamps and vernal pools in the woods. Our property abuts 135 acres of town forrest so there is ample breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Before we purchased the Mosquito Magnet our children couldn't play in the yard with out being swarmed, now we can be outside anytime and never need to be concerned with mosqutioes. Thanks for your great invention."

Brian & Mary Ambrefe
Boxford, MA

I live next to a swamp in Alaska. When moose walk away from where they were standing a cloud of swarming mosquitos makes it look like they left a standing shadow. The Liberty model that we bought is constantly filled up with mosquitoes and other viper type bugs. In the past five days, the cloud of mosquitoes that hang by the door to the house, has gone down to one or two now. The unit was full and plugged with mosquitos and had to be vacuumed out daily, tens of thousands of them! I will be buying another unit come next spring to put on the other side of the property."

Thank you,

Mark DeLoach
Nenana, Alaska

"After reading about the Mosquito Magnet Pro in multiple issues of the Frontgate catalog, I was intrigued. I didnt feel comfortable shelling out more than $1300 to try another catalog product, however. Then I read an article about the MM products in one of my financial magazines (Kiplingers, I believe) and knew I just had to go for it!

We live in the mosquito-filled Midwest on a one-acre lot that borders a forest preserve. We have an in-ground pool and a yard that just begs for entertaining. In the 6 years that we have had the pool, we have NEVER been able to use it much past 6:30 in the evening because the mosquitoes eat us alive!

We started the Mosquito Magnet Pro a little before the Memorial Day holidays. A week or so later, we nervously sat on our pool deck (in swim suits, no less) and waited and waited and waited. We were all instinctively swatting even though a single mosquito never appeared. I was sure it was a fluke; this was impossible! So, we kept at it; night after night waiting. It's now passed mid July. I still think some massive mosquito swarm MUST BE coming for us but, (unbelievably) we are swimming and enjoying our yard late into the night bug free.

I still am amazed at how great this product works. It's one of the best investments Ive ever made. Thank you all so much!"

Warrenville, IL

"This is the best piece of equipment anybody's ever come out with in the history of Mosquitoes that's effective. We tried everything and this is the best. To me the cost of the propane is minor. I live along the reservoir and we get plenty of no-see-ums. I haven't been bitten once since I installed my Liberty on June 16th 2002. We stay out in the yard until 10 or 11 at night. I brag about it to everyone."

L. Calitri
Warren, RI

"I was just given the Mosquito Magnet Liberty as a gift. It was very easy to set up. I checked it the first night and was amazed to find the large amount of mosquitos which were already in the bag. After a week the bag was almost full. I have emptied it into a food storage bag to show all my friends. Your product works great, and I will always speak very highly of it."

Methuen, MA

"In San Antonio the month of July has brought us approx. 25 inches of rain. While many are complaining about the biting insect, my family and friends are having great days of fun in the sun with my Mosquito Magnet protecting my backyard."

Stephen Schneider
San Antonio, TX

"The Mosquito Magnet Liberty really works! I have tired many things to kill mosquitoes, but they still infested out yard. We did not want to cut down our trees, but we did need to do something because life outside was painful. My children would have bites everywhere, I would get bit several times per minute. I decided to try the Sonic Web because it was 3/5 the price of the Liberty, and I was hoping it would work. Within two days (48 hours) it had caught 18 mosquitoes, I could kill that many by hand in 1/2. I opted to return it and get the Liberty. I was really hoping it was not another gimmick that I would have to return. I set it up and waited a 1/2 hour. I looked in the net I could see a few mosquitoes, and I was pleased. The next day I saw approximately the same number moving around in the net, thinking I had been ripped off, I lifted up the net to see about 2 inches of nothing but dead mosquitoes laying at the bottom. It was glorious!!! Two days later there was a noticable decrease in the number of mosquitoes biting. We do not live in a high-density mosquito area, but they do make life outside very unpleasant."


Paul Harris
Northern Illinois

"Hi folks!! Thank-you for one of the best summer's that we had at our cottage. We are the proud owners of 5 magnets which we used all summer. One we have at our residence in the city and the other 4 are at our cottage. We enjoyed many more family time hours outside in the evening and we firmly believe that it was due to the mosquito magnets that we placed. We even had a thank-you from some workers that were doing some landscaping for us out there and how it was so much more bearable."

Mac and Sandra Love
Winnipeg, Manitoba

"I have three children whose ages are 3, 5, and 7. I purchased a swing set to keep them occupied in my back yard. However, after it was set up I found that I was unable to allow my children to play there due to the excessive amounts of mosquitoes (we abutt a wooded area). My oldest daughter has a severe reaction to bites, where it swells considerably. To salvage my investment, and protect my children, I purchased a mosquito magnet that I had seen on an in-flight publication.

The unit works great and we couldn't be more satisfied. We are now in the process of putting on a deck, so we can enjoy the outdoors. My wife was skeptical, but recently confessed that the unit is working and she is now a believer. My neighbors also have commented on the effectiveness.

My other neighbor bought a competitors unit, but after my conversation with him he is going to bring it back and purchase your unit.

I thank you and wish you continued success."

Canton, MA

"We purchased our Mosquito Magnet on the 4th of July and emptied a full bag of dead mosquitos on the 7th of July. I knew we had a bad mosquito infestation but didn't know to what extent. Already we can tell the difference in our back yard. In only three days we have gone from swarms of mosquitoes to just a few here and there."

Matt Lyon
Harwood, ND

"After seeing the Mosquito Magnet at work in several of the Coast Guard Stations, I decided to purchase this machine to help with the problems I was having at home. I thought 'if it can work this good in a coastal, low, marshy environment, it will do wonders at the house'. I am happy to report that it has done better than I thought possible. We can now sit on the deck without being attacked and driven back inside. My hats off to the Mosquito Magnet."

Steve McElroy
Cary, NC

"My wife and I live in South Florida and with the heavy rains we have been experiencing this year, the mosquito problem had just gotten totally out of hand. Our back yard is is within 50 yards of two canals and at night the swarms of mosquitos would just take over our property. Even our poor dog was being tormented as soon as he went outside. Nothing we tried was working. We purchased your Liberty model and within a week the results were just unbelievable. Your product has given us back our backyard. We will finally be able to enjoy our summer barbecues without having to run inside to eat."

Thanks Again

Andy & Susan Mehringer
Cooper City, Florida

"This photo says it all. This is after the Liberty model has been installed for only 2 weeks. The bag is almost full!

I live in Luling, LA which is about 20 miles from New Orleans, and we have a lot of mosquitoes here. There have been several cases of encephalitis reported in the area already this year."

J. Sherrill

Luling, LA

"In 1998 my wife and I decided to sell our Condominium in Toronto and move to the country. My wife owns two horses and we needed a place with lots of room. We found the perfect house with nine acres of property. Surrounding the house was five acres of cedar trees. We were very happy in our new home, until the mosquitoes started to hatch.

We had been living in our new home for almost four years and every year it was the same thing, mosquitoes by the thousands. Every year we continued to use the same old methods to fight the mosquitoes but they just kept coming. I've spent a small fortune over the years on mosquito coils, bug sprays and even a propane fogger.

Not only are the sprays and pesticides we where using harmful to the environment, they were harmful to ourselves and our pets. The other problem is they stop working after a short period of time. We needed something more than that for our situation.

The truth of the matter was we couldn't even sit out in our own backyard. The view of the backyard was from the inside looking out. The dog, cat and horses didn't even go outside for long. The mosquitos were literally that bad.

In the spring of 2001 I told my wife, I'm going to find a way to reclaim our property. This was war, and I was tired of always being a prisoner in my own house. I started by searching the internet for some help and found; on the web site was a picture of this machine called a Mosquito Magnet. I started reading all the information on this product and the way it would attract the female mosquitoes. It sounded great, no sprays, no chemicals, just propane, and it would work 24 hours a day seven days a week.

The concept sounded logical, I had made up my mind to purchase the Mosquito Magnet for myself. When we got it home and set it up, we didn't know what to expect. I said to my wife cross your fingers and let's hope this works. After the first 24 hours we went over to check and see what was happening. Looking through the window we saw a huge mass of mosquitoes, this was fantastic. We both thought the same thing; it was too good to be true.

Over the next few weeks I was rotating the nets every 48 hours, the Mosquito Magnet was catching thousands every day. By mid summer the rotation became less frequent and we could see a significant drop in the mosquito population, the Mosquito Magnet was doing its job. The results are fantastic, we spend more time outside now and we love it, and so do our pets.

Around here happiness is the Mosquito Magnet; to us it was well worth the investment. It really has worked for our situation. If you knew what it was like around here, you would be amazed at the difference.

My wife, all our pets and I say thank you, it's a wonderful product."

Thankfully Yours

Rick & Elizabeth Young
Angus, Ontario

"I just purchased a Mosquito Magnet MM1000 from Surfside Equipment Rental in Surfside Beach, SC. BY FAR THE FINEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE!!!"


Salem A. Van Every, III
DeBordieu Colony
Georgetown, SC

"PS I have ordered another one to be delivered Spring of 2002"

"Last year my wife and I purchased a home in a heavily wooded area with a great backyard for the kids. Once spring arrived we quickly began to realize what a terrible mosquito problem we had. We could not play or barbeque in our backyard after 6:00 at night because the mosquitoes would become unbearable. In search of a solution, by chance I happened upon a page one article in the Boston Globe business section discussing your company and its products. I could not believe what I was reading, a product that actually worked in reducing the mosquito population. Sounding too good to be true I did my research. I contacted retailers who sold your products and customers who used your product. They all said it was true. I decided to take the plunge and purchased your $800 dollar Mosquito Magnet machine. I am very happy to report that it works better than I could have imagined. We have reclaimed our backyard and can enjoy it any time of the day. I know it might sound silly but I love to go out at night with a flashlight and look at the net filling up with thousands of mosquitoes. It brings a smile to my face every time. Well done...thank you for a terrific product!!"

Scott Levinson
Sharon, MA

"I've dealt with mosquitoes all my life. I grew up in Florida and now live in Atlanta. I put the residential unit in my yard and in three days, the mosquitoes are gone. I expected it to take longer. Usually, I walk out my door and get pounced on by the Asian Tiger mosquito. Now, I sit out in my chair and nothing comes to me. I guess I have it placed just right. Every American needs one. I'll be your best salesman. I've told everyone to buy the Mosquito Magnet. God bless you guys for creating it."

Scott Currie
Atlanta, GA

"Hi folks!! Thank-you for one of the best summers that we had at our cottage. We are the proud owners of 5 magnets which we used all summer. One we have at our residence in the city and the other 4 are at our cottage. We enjoyed many more family time hours outside in the evening and we firmly believe that it was due to the mosquito magnets that we placed. We even had a thank-you from some workers that were doing some landscaping for us out there and how it was so much more bearable."

Winnapeg, Manitoba

"I rarely write to tell a company that their product works as well as they say it does (imagine the concept!), but I am totally amazed at the definitive results I've gotten using the Mosquito Magnet! I was originally somewhat skeptical that you claimed it would eliminate ALL mosquitoes - I imagined that it would (hopefully) cut back MOST of the mosquitoes... but your product works almost 100 percent! Since I've had the magnet I have only been bitten once and that was just because the propane tank ran out of fuel that day.

My wife used to tease me that she could sit outside with me anytime and not worry about being eaten by blood thirsty mosquitoes because they always seemed to find me and leave her alone. I told her it was because I was sweeter than her, but I really hated having to lather up in repellent if I just wanted to sit on the patio.

Since I have the Mosquito Magnet I can now sit outside anytime and not worry about being bitten by buzzing, biting insects or have smelly pesticides coating my body - what freedom! It's especially nice that it works at a distance, even when I'm 30 yards away in the gazebo. The concept is so simple yet so effective that I wanted to tell you how impressed I am. This is the only product that has worked - everything else is just smoke and electronic hooey! I don't have to worry about ever being bothered again. Congratulations on a tremendous break through product! "

Thanks again.

Paul Hussel
Flower Mound, Texas

"I just wanted to communicate my satisfaction with the Mosquito Magnet. I purchased a Pro unit and set the product up in my yard back in April of this year. I have to admit I was a bit skeptical of the effectiveness of the product. Within 2 weeks my skepticism turned to amazement. When I went out to check the unit in the woods of my back yard, I cound not believe how may black flies were in the net. We spent the whole month of May in our back yard without having the aggrevation of all the bugs. As a matter of fact, the flies in our neighbor's yard directly adjacent to our yard were pretty bad.

It is now July and the unit is working just as well. I change the net every three weeks when I change the propane tank and there are literally thousands of mosquitoes in the net every time. Thanks for designing such a good product."

Jim Veglas
Norton, MA

"Our neighbor came by the other day and asked,'What are you doing about the mosquito situation?' I said, "We don't have a mosquito situation here. We have the Mosquito Magnet." I'm sold on this product. It really works and that's all anyone wants. There is a huge market for the Mosquito Magnet in Westhampton Beach, NY . I think the Mosquito Magnet is amazing. I'm going to try to get all my neighbors to buy one."

Larry Bortstein, Esq.
Westhampton Beach, NY

"My boss's friends have two Mosquito Magnets and swear by them. So we bought one and then another. When we first turned the Mosquito Magnet on, we weren't sure it would work. They work fantastic, better than any bug light we ever tried before. We want one more for us and 4 for other family members.

We are on 4 acres on an island in Lake Muskoka, a popular tourist area. During season the population grows from 14,000 to 200,000. The mosquito situation is terrible from the middle of May through September. We wear mesh bug jackets in the spring with hood, gloves and pants. Now, there's hardly a mosquito around me. I can walk around in the morning and water my flowers. I'm only bothered when I go over by the machine to check on them. We have to empty the bags every 5 or 6 days because they're so full. I'm interested in becoming a dealer."

Tim Barnes,
The Muskoka's
Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

"We purchased a Mosquito Magnet Pro, and we wanted to tell you how pleased we are with it. Our backyard was uninhabitable, until now. We live in Northeastern Oregon on 160 acres. Everyone in this area flood irrigates their pastures. Water comes down a main canal and then into earthen ditches onto the property. Needless to say, there is a lot of standing water and tall grasses - perfect for mosquitos. Vector Control can't even put a dent in the mosquito population. Everyone complains every year about the millions of mosquitos. I have since become allegic to mosquito bites just from being bit so many times. I swell up something terrible. We put the Mosquito Magnet Pro in our backyard and have caught thousands. We are bagging them in ZipLock baggies and marking the dates on the bag to turn over to Vector Control. They are interested in the types of mosquitos and will also test for diseases. We are trying to talk Vector Control into purchasing a lot of the Mosquito Magnet Pro's for the Hermiston, Oregon area.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful machine. We can now enjoy our hot tub, patio and barbeque!! We just love it!!"


Margaret and Stephen Sutton

"This is the second season with 2 Mosquito Magnet PRO's on my two-acre lot. I have had people come around here and say, "it's unbelievable!" At first, I'd have half a bag full of mosquitoes within a week. Now I'm not even getting 50 a night. That means I'm getting rid of them! "

Calvin Price
Gueydan, LA

"We bought our Mosquito Magnet at the beginning of last season and tried it out in Amesbury, MA in the world of mosquitoes right along the Merrimack River. Previously, when it was hot and humid the mosquitoes could carry you away. Now you can go out at any time during the day. The only time you ever see a mosquito is at dusk. My neighbors must love me because they don't have any mosquitoes either.

Over the winter we brought our Mosquito Magnet to Beaufort, SC and set it up at a friend's house. The machine wiped the midges out of his yard. Usually, the midges in Beaufort control the human population to the point that you can't go outside."

Tom Videyko
Amesbury, MA

"Hi! I am writing you because we currently own a Mosquito Magnet Pro, unit and it is catching between 60,000 and 70,000 mosquitoes per night. We have the unit in Pecan Island, LA and we just can't keep up with the bag filling up. Pecan Island is about 6 to 7 miles off the Gulf of Mexico and it is made up of a brakish water marsh. This marsh is the supreme breeding ground for mosquitoes. We were hoping that your company would be developing a new unit that has a larger capacity holding bag. This product is tops in our book, but we just wish that it would hold more mosquitoes."

Sincerely Yours,

Christopher W. Gary
Lafayette, LA

" I just want you to know what an excellent product you have. I purchased two Mosquito Magnets last year for my home and acreage on the Texas Gulf Coast. They are worth every penny and more. My wife and I have hosted two large outdoor weddings and several outdoor parties after the purchases of these units. The mosquitos were well managed.

I was prompted to write this today after checking on both units (that I run continuously) just a minute ago. The mosquito bags were filling up, and when the bags fill up, I get a smile on my face."

Best Regards,

Robert McCarty
Bacliff, Texas

"I have four Mosquito Magnet Pro's on my Mustique Island property in the Northern Grenadines. The machines are working great. They're catching a lot of mosquitoes. There is so much of a reduction I was thinking something environmental was going on. But, other people without Mosquito Magnets are getting bitten. I can say that I have less mosquitoes and sand flies than ever. The machines between the house and swamp have the highest catch. In two weeks the nets on the swamp side of the house are 1/3 full."

Jerry Watson
Mustique Island
Northern Grenadines

"Living where we are, it has been terrible with the mosquitoes and no-see-ums. We live on a peninsula, and the house divides the lot. We put one Mosquito Magnet Pro in the front and one in the back. It works! Even the people who work on our yard have commented on how unusual it is to get bitten now."

Stuart Hope
Georgetown, SC

"I read about Mosquito Magnets in Popular Science and got all excited about it. I ordered two for my home in Florida and one for my home in Ohio. I set up my two Pro's yesterday and was thinking, 'why did I order these things? it's probably a rip -off'! I put them out and didn't expect anything.

I ran out there the next morning thinking I was stupid to put the Mosquito Magnet boxes out for rubbish since the truck had already picked-up. I was not expecting to see anything in one day. But when I looked inside and saw all the mosquitoes, I couldn't believe it. There were at least 1,000 mosquitoes in the nets between the two units. Seven days later, the mosquitoes are up to four inches solid from the bottom of the net, plus the ones flying and crawling around inside.

A recent hurricane dumped a lot of water here and the headlines read, 'Mosquitoes Unleashed, Hurricane Gordon Spawning Worst Outbreak This Year'.

You can use my name as a reference and post my comments on your web site. I'm happy to tell people how well they work."

Jerry Bernstein
Fort Myers, FL

"Your product is absolutely stunning! This is our second season with the Mosquito Magnet. The whole family fights for a flashlight at night to go out and check the net. Everyone loves to see the bugs in prison."

I recall a small event from last year. Dad was allergic to the bites and ended up first with a dermatologist, and after few days we went to emergency room. They still couldn't help and dad had to go back to native Germany where he ended up in a specialized clinic. It took two weeks for everything to clear up. Well, this year, same land, same dad, not a single bite.

Now we can use the hammock. Before you couldn't be there for five minutes. This summer, nobody had a single bite. Our land was for sale for a low price before the Mosquito Magnet. Now we can get big bucks! WITHOUT THIS MACHINE, LIFE WOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE.""

Detroit, Michigan suburb

"On Long Island Sound in South Norwalk,Connecticut, nine Mosquito Magnets installed along the shores of our "island" community have given us back our evenings to enjoy outside. We are a small private community of 103 homes and have marsh on two sides and the Sound on the other two. Tidal mud flats abound, the breeding grounds for no-see-ums (midges). You add in both marsh and fresh-water mosquitoes, and you have major bug biting problems.

"I first became aware of the Magnets through my job with Golf Digest magazine, and I realized that here was a way to regain our evenings. I divided the community into acre groupings because each Mosquito Magnet clears about an acre area. Nine groups of home-owners shared the expense, and we purchased nine machines that were activated the third week in June. The bags began to fill up almost immediately and after over six weeks of operations, have trapped millions, according to American Biophysics quantity measurements. We can now eat outside on our deck and not be driven in. Most of us spend our summers outside, and since the midge population began to crash, we can now adventure out without our bodies slathered in bug repellent.. There is no adverse effect on the environment, and it requires only a small amount of time to change the tank and insert a new octenol cartridge about every three weeks, no sacrifice at all to pay for bite-free evenings."

Bitsy Farnsworth
South Norwalk, CT

"It's unbelievable we have almost a full net in less than a week. We have three Mosquito Magnets in place and they are full of no-see-ums and mosquitoes. I didn't even know we had a mosquito problem. We live on 5 acres and about 4 of them are mangroves. Before our Mosquito Magnets you couldn't go outside between dusk and dawn without being bitten all over by no-see-ums, or as we referred to them as "flying teeth". At first we considered putting out all 6 of the machines we purchased but 3 seem to be working so well,we decided to share them with our neighbors on our Island. We're so excited about the immediate results we're having, and are firm believers that it's just going to keep getting better!"

Nancy Holmes
Terra Ceia Island, FL

The following testimonial is from a mother whose son has been diagnosed as severely allergic to mosquito bites.

"We have already received our mosquito magnet. And after using it for 3 weeks, I have to say it is the most wonderful product created. We saved the first batch of mosquitoes for Ethan to see. He now can go out and play in our yard without fear of having hundreds of mosquitoes after him. In just one week, that entire bag was packed full of mosquitoes . . . and I mean REALLY full. We've only had one emergency visit for Ethan since we first hooked up the Mosquito Magnet and that was when he went to his grandparents home and got one bite. We've had a lot of members in our Church ask how the Magnet is working out and have placed a Praise in the church bulletin about the Mosquito Magnet.

Thank you from the depths of our heart for sending us the machine so very quickly. Most especially, Ethan thanks you. For his second birthday he was actually allowed to play outside with his friends. You can't imagine how much this means to us. With all sincerity . . . Thank you. And may God bless the lives of the people who created this wonderful machine and for people like you who made it possible for us to own one. It is wonderful taking my son outside to play with his friends instead of having him watch them play and have fun from his window."


Ben, Cathy and Ethan Sherwood
Arnold, MO

"Congratulations on your success. We have a Mosquito Magnet at our summer home on Nantucket Island and It works wonders.We tried everything to fight the mosquitos-citronella, candles,electronic zappers, tiki torches and chemical sprays. Since we got the Mosquito Magnet we haven't had to use any of that stuff. My family has been extremely impressed with the results and the lack of mosquitoes in the area and have therefore decided to purchase another unit for our home in Connecticut."


Kevin McDonald
Nantucket, MA

"We are very pleased and are now able to fully use our backyard. It's been really great. For the first time we can sit out on the patio and have dinner, something we were not able to do before. There were mostly gnats in the net. Then the catch suddenly dropped off. That's when we noticed we did not get bitten anymore."

Anne Linneman
East Rockaway, NY

"I have an orchard and a 12-acre pond with big gold coast mosquitoes. They just about kill me. I've had my Mosquito Magnet in operation for 10 days. I have a good inch in the net. I'm already sitting on my deck without getting bitten. I walk out on my lawn without the mosquitoes swarming up in front of me. Before the Mosquito Magnet they were so thick you would actually breathe them in. I'm an engineer and the quality and workmanship of my Mosquito Magnet Pro is very good. It's a beautiful idea and design. I just love it."

Robert Thackston
Fort Gaines, GA

"I couldn't believe it. We received our Mosquito Magnet about a month ago (October '99) and caught an estimated 40,000 no-see-ums and mosquitoes during the first 10-15 days of use (1" deep). As a retired airline pilot and engineer, I was very impressed with the unit's engineering. The no-see-ums had previously prevented us from using our screened-in pool, as my wife has very severe reactions to no-see-um bites. We can now use the pool, and our neighbors are considering buying the machines. I jump on certain products, and I believe that Mosquito Magnets will eventually be in every home that has biting insect problems. The unit even survived 60 mph winds from Hurricane Irene."

Bob Kison
Titusville, FL

"Even with all the rain, running two MMs in my large yard for the past 3 - 4 yrs has reduced the biting insect problem so much that we have barely collected an inch of insects between the two units. Talk about reducing the population...

Given the effectiveness of my Mosquito Magnet here in Massachusetts, I drove home to Florida during the Thanksgiving Holiday with my new bug trap in tow. During my 16-day stay in Florida, my little bug eating friend gobbled up thousands of no-see-ums and hundreds of mosquitoes proving to all my family and friends that this is not gimic - but the REAL THING.

Thanks again for making my home (and yard) a place to live and love - bug free."

Tim Muldoon
Harvard, MA & Florida

"After sunset, we'd never dare go out into our yard or garden, or sit on our deck without spraying ourselves, friends, pets and the kids with bug repellent, which I was uncomfortable with. I used to spray the yard with harmful pesticides, then I tried a bug zapper, but it didn't catch them and it spread bacteria all over the place. We never won the battle until now. The Mosquito Magnet took only six weeks to wipe out my biting insect problem. We've gotten our yard back."

Richard Eannarino
Jamestown, RI

"I have to say I'm really impressed with the way your product works. Last night was the first night we ran it. Even with the wind and rain it managed to catch approximately 250 mosquitoes, 500 no-see-ums (which I didn't even know we had). I set the bag up like a bird cage in my office so that everyone who was skeptical could see what I call the 'New Hampshire State Bird'."

Gary Ciccone
Londonderry, NH

"My husband, Gregory, and I love coming up to Bear Camp Pond to do some fishing on the weekends, but we always feel like prisoners to our screened-in porch because the mosquitoes and black flies are so bad. We hate putting on those repellents knowing that they can't be good for us. And we love being in the great outdoors.

Now we're spending more time outdoors on the pond fishing than we ever have. These days when I go fishing on our dock, the only thing biting is the fish, not the mosquitoes and black flies. We're back on the pond again and pretty soon we'll be telling you about the big ones that didn't get away."

Lois Kelley
Sheffield, NH

"We live on two acres of marshfront near Savannah, Georgia. We have been using the Mosquito Magnet for several months and are very pleased with its performance. We are now able to sit outside at dusk without being attacked by bugs.

Bill Lynes
Wilmington Island, GA

"According to your calculation of 37,000 mosquitoes per inch of net, we captured more than 200,000 mosquitoes in the first six weeks. We live on a very wooded lake ridge, and the weather has been hot and wet (perfect for breeding). This is the first summer that we have not been chased inside by the Minnesota State Bird. After the initial six weeks the number of mosquitoes captured has dropped off by about 75% telling me that we have really cleaned out the area.

Denny Dotson
Mankato, MN

"I have a lake property in Central Minnesota in the Brainerd Lakes area. Mosquitoes are always a problem in Minnesota, especially where there are heavy concentrations of water like the Brainerd Lakes area. This year started out as an exceptionally bad year for mosquitoes in Minnesota. We had heavy spring rains that have lasted throughout the summer and the temperatures have been significantly above average. The heavy rains and warm temperatures during the spring created the ultimate hatching environment for millions upon million of hungry Minnesota mosquitoes!

I declared war on mosquitoes during early June when the mosquitoes where so bad that my family, especially my 3 and 5 year olds, could not be outside without being literally attacked back into the cabin. I am currently managing mosquitoes on my property using two methods: First, I am having a professional mosquito control company spray every two weeks, and second, I have purchased a "Mosquito Magnet". I have to tell you, my family is thrilled with both as the effectiveness has been incredible.

Even with the bi-monthly spraying, my "Mosquito Magnet" has collected an amazing volume of the blood sucking beasts. In total, based on American Biophysics measures, I estimate that I have collected approximately 100,000 mosquitoes in 4 weeks! This is an incredible collection of mosquitoes that you have to see to believe. I have gone from having mosquitoes chase my family back into the cabin to maybe having one bite per weekend per person! Also, another great benefit is that we no longer have to apply "bug spray" to the kids or ourselves."

Steve Rozek
Golden Valley, MN

"The Mosquito Magnet has made a remarkable difference. After the third weekend, we emptied the net and we had about 3 inches of mosquitoes in there. Now my husband and I are like children, running out to the trap each morning to see what we caught."

Kim Fleming
Cypermont Point, LA

"I recently purchased a residential machine through Frontgate catalogue. IT IS WONDERFUL!!! I live on Avery Island in coastal southwest Louisiana, and we are plagued with mosquitoes. Since purchasing your product, I can leave my house and get in my car without being attacked...thanks for such a great product. I am recommending them to everybody. "

Nanine d'Aquin
Avery Island, LA

"My wife and I retired to Hilton Head Island two years ago, and we love having our five grandchildren visit to swim in the pool and then barbeque on our deck. We were never comfortable using insecticides and sprays around the grandchildren to control the mosquitoes and the no-see-ums. Thanks to the Mosquito Magnet, the kids are swimming in the pool and I'm grilling all night long."

Don Bennett
Hilton Head, SC

"Living in Interlachen, Florida puts my wife, Diane, and I pretty much at ground zero when it comes to biting insects and their breeding grounds. We wanted to find a solution that was environmentally friendly and economically sound. It's great to work in our 2 acres of yard and gardens and not be eaten alive."

Mike Wojcek
Interlachen, FL

"My wife and I are retired and live in the heart of the Adironack mountains at Loon Lake, NY. This is our third year; the first two years were unbearable in May and June with black flies and mosquitoes the rest of the summer. Last spring after purchasing one of your machines, my wife was able to garden with comfort. We caught thousands of black flies. This has made a big difference."

Owen Gilmore
Vermontville, NY

"We are very pleased with the unit. After a very anxious two-week period when there was much activity but not any detectable results, we were delighted when one day we went out and they were GONE! They have stayed gone, and we are delighted!"

Horst Tebbe
Old Greenwich, CT

"We purchased one of your mosquito magnets this spring after locating it on the Internet. After ordering it, we received it not a minute too soon. The magnet worked like a jewel. Prior to using it, going outside, even to dump the trash was like a nightmare. We have just moved to a new home in Wyoming and thought we'd have more time to enjoy our favorite areas but hadn't ever seen a mosquito year like this!

Already we are planning to order several more for the next year. We need one for the shop, barn area, and the garage! Thanks again, you saved our spring. The seasons are already too short in Wyoming to miss out."


Sondra Ellis
Jackson, WY

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