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Mosquito Magnet Trap Test Results





July 2002

Cayman Islands Mosquito Research & Control Unit

Cayman Islands

The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty was tested against the Coleman "Mosquito Deleto" and the Applica "Sonic Web"

The Mosquito Magnet® Liberty captured nearly 200 times more mosquitoes than the "Mosquito Deleto".
Summary * Complete Test

Summer 2001

Florida A&M University

Panama City, Florida

The Mosquito Magnet® Pro was tested head-to-head against the Mosquito PowerTrap in a tropical salt marsh.

The Mosquito Magnet® Pro captured 10 times more mosquitoes than the Mosquito PowerTrap. Complete Test

Summer 2000

U.S. Army Medical Command, the Centers for Disease Control, et al.;

Republic of Korea

Field tests of seven different mosquito traps were conducted where recent outbreaks of malaria had occurred. 

The Mosquito Magnet® captured 3 times more mosquitoes than the next most effective trap, and over 13 times as many as other traps using CO2 and octenol attractants. 
(Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, Vol. 17, No. 3, September 2001, pp. 196-205)
Complete Test

Summer 1999

U.S. Coast Guard;


The Coast Guard used the Mosquito Magnet to reclaim its Bahamian station that had become uninhabitable due to swarming mosquitoes. 

6 Mosquito Magnets captured a million-and-a-half mosquitoes in six days.

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